Juan Pablo Berrizbeitia

Founder and CEO

Juan Pablo Berrizbeitia

Founder and CEO

Juan Pablo is an international consultant with over 25 years of experience. He has developed expertise in three operational areas: nonprofit management, innovation management, and international development project management. He is also a specialist in three thematic areas: justice reform, access to justice, and rule of law. His clients have included the World Bank, the United Nations, the Pan American Development Foundation, and the Supreme Court of Venezuela. Juan Pablo also has formal training in classical guitar, aikido, and improvisational comedy.


Harvard University Law School — Masters of Laws
Warwick University, U.K. — Master of Laws
Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Venezuela — J.D.

Georgetown University Law School — Foundations of American Law and Legal Education
The Hague Academy of International Law — Certificate in Public International Law
Institute of Social Studies, The Hague — International Law and Development Diploma


Fulbright Scholarship
Fellowship of the Organization of American States 
Chevening Scholarship
Fellowship of the Netherlands Government


I enjoyed working with Juan Pablo as member of the Board of Directors of Blue Ridge CASA, plus Board President for two years. Juan Pablo is an excellent strategic manager. Has great insight with processes. Juan Pablo will always give you maximum effort, plus he will be sincere and honest in his reporting, both necessary for effective leadership.

David G.

Former Director of Development

Juan Pablo is a true development professional. He is personally committed with building a better World and he has already made a difference. Very few Harvard graduates may have achieved the wide scope of Juan Pablo's expertise. From working side-by-side with the poor in rural Venezuela early in his career to effectively interacting with senior Government officials in Latin America as World Bank consultant. In all his professional endeavors Juan Pablo has distinguished himself for the superb quality of his analytical products, and the special human touch that makes interacting with him a unique experience.

David V.

Former World Bank Task Manager

You only need a few minutes with Juan Pablo to realize that you are in the presence of a solid professional. I had the privilege of working -on a daily basis- with him for several Public Sector Reform Projects in Latin America. From this unique experience I discovered Juan Pablo to be a multi-talented individual. He is an outstanding leader, an educator, and a creator of value that goes well beyond international development. Juan Pablo is genuinely concerned for the welfare of others and, as a natural mentor, he challenged me to achieve excellence in any undertaking. 

Claudio S.

Public Policy Manager